What is a TRX workout like?
Fun and always varied, you’ll be empowered to decide how much you’d like to challenge yourself during each workout. Adjusting your body position will add or decrease resistance, while also allowing you to choose how much you train your core stability. TRX is the original, best-in-class suspension system that leverages gravity and your bodyweight for hundreds of exercises, with a foundation in push, pull, lunge, hinge, squat, lunge, and plank.

What is a Rip Training workout like?
Discover the power of rotational movement and the functional benefits that come from the body’s natural ability to twist. The Rip Trainer introduces a multitude of exercises that enhance fluidity, range of motion, and decrease the risk of injury. Apply the Rip Trainer for slow motions that create stability and others that are higher speed to train agility and power. Like TRX, you’ll be empowered to choose your own challenge, by simply adjusting your body position.

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Benefits of TRX

  • activate the core muscles, 100% of the time
  • receive fast, effective total-body workout
  • improve mobility and flexibility
  • build lean muscle
  • train the fascia
  • increase functional strength
  • promote metabolic results
  • develop rotational power
  • adapt easily to every goal
Private Classes

Experience a personalized 55 minute program that meets your specific goals and needs. a great way to fine tune your practice and create optimal daily movement.

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Group Classes

Workout with friend(s), family member(s), or other student(s). TRX Semi-Private Sessions are classes with 2-4 students, with exercises from TRX Suspension Training and Rip Training.

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Group Classes

Experience fun, energizing classes for all levels. Our intention is to help you progress your workout, appropriately challenging your practice, while establishing a strong foundation in form. All group classes held in the Education Space.

Keep the body & brain guessing with hundreds of exercises built around key movements: squat, lunge, push, pull & plank. TRX is efficient, effective, and fun, while being easily adaptable to all levels and abilities.

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